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How to flash the BIOS without a floppy, using the CD-ROM

This is based on this how-to from Ubuntu forum, I’ve tested the CD-ROM method and it works flawlessly :-)

In summary, after being sure that a bios update is REALLY necessary, this is what I’ve done:

gunzip FDOEM.144.gz
mkdir /tmp/cdr
sudo mount -t vfat -o loop FDOEM.144 /tmp/cdr
sudo cp ~/NewBiosFiles/* /tmp/cdr
sudo umount /tmp/cdr
sudo apt-get install mkisofs
mkisofs -o newBIOS.iso -b FDOEM.144 FDOEM.144
cdrecord -v newBIOS.iso

I hope this can be useful if you need to upgrade the BIOS and don’t have a floppy (and in my case the BIOS also didn’t support USB boot using a PEN, in that case I could use unetbootin to make a bootable DOS pen like I normally do with other PCs.


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