Install Polipo Proxy server on Centos

As you can see in this previous topic, I needed to install Polipo Proxy on a Centos 5 server. Since the Polipo package is not available on the plain Centos 5 server installation I had to add first the EPEL repository (see the previous topic). After that, I installed the Polipo Proxy:

yum install polipo
nano /etc/polipo/config

Just uncommented the proxyAddress line and change it to the correct IP address of the server:

proxyAddress = ""

Since I want to have the proxy running in a port different from the default port, I add this line:

proxyPort = 3128

In the allowedClients put all the clients that are allowed to use the proxy. You can use IP ranges like in the example, and could separate the IP addresses using commas.

allowedClients =,

In the example file the allowedClients had the IP addresses between quotation marks, but it didn’t work that way, it should be as stated above, without any quotation mark.

After configuring the polipo, it is just necessary to start it:

/etc/init.d/polipo restart

If the configuration is good it should start!

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