Openmeetings VMWare appliance

I’ve made a VMWare image running Openmeetings, V1.0 RC1, available here

The operating system is Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition, username administrator, password is password. The same username and password was used for the Openmeetings login. MySQL root password is password. All functions are configured, including OpenOffice server for document conversion.

When starting the VM, VMWare will ask if the VM was moved or copied. I suggest to choose ‘moved’, if you choose ‘copied’, VMWare will create a new MAC Address for the network interface and the VM will start with no network interface (it has to be manually reconfigured to match the new MAC Address)

The VM is using DHCP (you will have to execute ifconfig to know its IP address and have a DHCP server running in your network). If you need to configure a fixed IP address you have to manually reconfigure the network interface.

I’m using the VM with version 0.9RC5 for videoconference inside my company and it is working well. The VM with version 1.0RC1 has been less tested, but all the tests made succeeded, so I think you should prefer the V1.0 RC1. If you find something not working feel free to post a comment (you have to register, because do to all the spam I have restricted anonymous comments on this site)


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